Four Bright Buttons and Two Joysticks

New Video: Old School NEO GEO Action People!

Just spotted this on GameTrailers this week posted by ScrewAttack. If you have been to a pizza place or arcade in the last 20 years I know you have seen one of these machines. I just thought this was a fun and funny little video that kind of took me back a bit….

NEO GEO was always one of those things that you always heard about as a kid but could never have…..I mean the damn system cost a bundle and I believe games were up over $200 bucks a piece (this is back in the early 90’s mind you)! Anyway please enjoy the video, the way they shot this video was actually really fun, and the guy singing the song really commits to his character here, I thought it was a riot!

Great stuff, keep up the great work Keith!

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  1. freestyleonnet June 6, 2010 at 12:07 pm #

    Just what I needed, thanks a lot.