How Can You Get Business with Location Based Social Media?

People have asked me on numerous occasions….why do you even bother to check in on Foursquare, Yelp or other social media services when you are out and what does that even do for you?

Getting new business with social mediaA valid question, up until today I didn’t always have the world’s greatest answer for. While at heart I am a total stat geek and love winning badges and stuff, because after all at it’s heart Foursquare was always meant to be a game I have never been able to truly articulate how it has worked for me personally. But today I have an actual experience to share with you.

Today I got a new project request submission from my website asking me for help with a new WordPress website project. Why did they choose to fill out my form and give me a call? Because on my homepage I have a live twitter feed that is connected to my Foursquare account and the last place I checked into was the local pub in my hometown on Hillsboro NH. This new client found my website searching for website developers in NH who work with WordPress and then saw my homepage with a few samples and the fact that I was very local to them so they decided to call. Amazing. Just that simple.

Social media channels are all connected for a reason because they feed off one another and when configured properly in your website they all serve a common goal of extending your reach as an organization and to also represent you as a professional and person. When I stop and think about it in a bit more detail you can really tell quite a bit about a person just by looking over their various social activity feeds if they are using them as social connective channels and not just for straight broadcast mediums. The point is that Social Media works and it’s not going anywhere, figure out where your customers hang out and make sure you are apart of those spaces or you are going to continue to lose customers to the businesses who are.

Does all this social media stuff sound confusing or like more work that you just don’t want to deal with? That’s ok, that’s what I am here for! If you are curious or are looking to put together some social media marketing strategies for your business fill out my contact form or give me a call at 603-325-2429 and we can schedule some consultation time to discuss your growth goals for your business.

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