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I was just made aware of this video on Facebook today by a friend of mine who’s attention was grabbed by the unique messaging and direct style of this video ad. I completely agree with him and now feel compelled to write a quick blog post as to why this short little video is so great and how I think we could all learn a thing or two from the bold, direct and fun style approach that has taken with their company branding and advertising strategy.

My favorite 5 things about this video:

  1. The direct eye contact with the viewer is great
  2. The emphasis on the blade quality in the beginning of the spot is over the top but immediately grabs your attention
  3. You can clearly tell that they didn’t go overboard trying to make every little thing perfect with the video, keeps it little raw and feeling more real
  4. The charismatic flow the copy (specifically the tennis and grandfather quotes)
  5. The clear focus on the message throughout: Get good blades cheap

What is the takeaway that we should all consider here?

Marketing messaging is all around us all the time these day and being served to us at a breakneck pace with all the devices and mediums we engage with on a daily basis. This is making it harder and harder for companies to get by with the same old same old when it comes to their messaging and communication strategies. People love to be treated like people, not talked down to or oversold on things they hear over and over again all day long. In my opinion the more risks we are willing to take about being real, straight and direct with our customers and consumers the more chance you stand to gain real tangible visibility and loyalty for your products and services.

What are your thoughts about this ad? Do you like it? Hate it? Doesn’t really do anything for you? I want to know what you think, leave your comments below….

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