2Toms WordPress Ecommerce CMS Website

2Toms WordPress Website

2Toms Website: The Challenge

Working as the Interactive Media Director for FirstTracks Marketing Group, I won the contract to build a new website with an easy to use content management system for 2Toms. This new website needed to incorporate a fully integrated e-commerce shopping cart and purchasing tools along with social media sharing, blogging, dealer locator, and events calendar component.

The 2Toms Website Solution:

FirstTracks identified the WordPress CMS as the best solution for this website because of it’s ease of use, security features, plug-in structures, and customizable e-commerce features. Included in this website implementation and design are the following features implemented by FirstTracks:

  • Custom WordPress Theme Implementation
  • Cu3er Homepage Image Rotation Scripting
  • WP E-Commerce Shopping Cart Implementation
  • Store Locator Customization
  • Events Calendar
  • Blog organization and design
  • Facebook Like Box Integration
  • ShareThis Social Media Tools
  • Multiple Contact Forms

This new website for 2Toms was designed to make it easier for them to be more fluid with their online audience. Their previous website was difficult to update and costly to maintain. Now that we have redeveloped their site using WordPress, 2Toms can now post events, dealer locations, products and navigation items. 2Toms has the ability to easily edit using the WordPress CMS controls. This new site also features integrated e-commerce, so now visitors can browse the site and fill their shopping cart as they learn about the products. All check out and processing for the site is handled using Authorize.net and is fully tracked and measured from within the WordPress admin panels. All this additional control provides 2Toms the ability to now use their website as an active marketing platform as they build community and interest around the skin care products they produce.

Looking to have a website you can easily work with?

Could your business or organization benefit from being able to publish, manage, and manipulate your digital footprint? YOU BET IT CAN, AND I CAN PROVE IT! I can guarantee you that you will be amazed at how much functionality and flexibility we can provide you with, even with the tightest of budgets. Why not fill our a request form over at FirstTracks Marketing Group and find out for yourself, or better yet give me a call at 603-924-1978 right now and ask me. I look forward to hearing from you!

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