Artisan Manufacturing

Artisan Manufacturing needed a new website that properly showcased the quality, elegance and class associated with their kitchen and bathroom sink products.

While I was the Interactive Director at CC Stephens & Co I was hired to create this website design and program the layout structure to make it easy for customers to browse and experience Artisan products in a high quality manner.

This project evolved a bit over time in that we started with the initial design and added functionality over time. Before I moved on from CC Stephens I had worked on developing a full back-end product database that had an ecommerce component that would make it easy for customers of the Artisan product to login to their website portal and purchase product to sill their show rooms. This system also featured a direct integration with their on-site Fishbowl inventory program that would make all sales seamlessly update their in-house inventory live when an online sale was completed.

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