Bruce Hunter Properties Website

Bruce Hunter Properties Website

In late 2009 property owner Bruce Hunter approached FirstTracks Marketing Group about creating a website to help expedite the sale of this open restaurant space in downtown Peterborough NH.

To keep this project affordable, fast and accessible we decided to build this website using the WordPress CMS framework. I based the design of the site on a basic flexible theme that we could easily tweak and customize to meet the clients needs. Using a theme with WordPress allowed us to apply more of the small budget to this project towards content creation, photography, and image processing tasks that needed to be completed to properly showcase the location.

The site has been live for just over two months now and has been a helpful tool for the real estate agents. This site allows both the FirstTracks Marketing Group staff and the real estate agents quick simple access to all the web sites content and media. This has proven to an invaluable asset as it allows both managing parties to quickly and timely publish and share any and all information that may assist in moving the property quicker.

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