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CC Stephens Agency

From 2007 to late 2009 I was employed as the Interactive Director for CC Stephens & Co. During my time with CC Stephens I transformed the way they thought about website development and reinvented the caliber of product they were capable of offering their clients for website development.

First things first, time for a new website

But before all that really got into full swing one of my first big projects with the agency was to convert their dusty old aging awful Flash (AND FRAMES) website into something that would show that they were capable of delivering high level quality website work. I completely overhauled the entire website by myself both from an organization and design standpoint. The new CC Stephens website features a number of high level CSS and HTML code design techniques for the navigation and body content elements.

So what was the verdict?

The end result of the project was a website that better represented the on and off line capabilities of the agency as a whole. Sadly however the owner of this agency never really saw the website a viable source of lead generation and after the re-design was complete never pushed the ongoing support of the site content and the site quickly became stale and didn’t really ever fully accomplish what I had hoped it would. But therein lies an important message that all companies need to take to heart. It doesn’t matter how pretty and well built your website is, if you aren’t prepared to support it, you probably won’t get much out of it….

Don’t make the same mistakes the management at CC Stephens & Co did, fill our my request form or call me today at 603-325-2429 so we can talk about creating a content optimization plan for you so your online real estate doesn’t go by the way side.

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