Depot Square Shops

Depot Square Shopping Plaza located in Peterborough NH hired me to build a website that would represent the 14 shops and dining establishments located in the square. The manager of the property hired me while I was the Interactive Director at CC Stephens & Co.

My job for this project was to work with the individual store owners to come up with a design that showcased the charm of the region while making it easy for visitors to find shops and products that they are in. To make it easy for the shop owners to update their own shop information on the site I built in a Content Management Component Cushy CMS.

The content management component was key to this project because it allow for all the shop owners to participate in keeping the content on the website current and up to date. If your looking for a small simple site that your able to edit and update on your own the Cushy CMS application is a great solution that is free and simple to learn.

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