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EcoHeat Solutions

Earth-Friendly Heating solutions for any home

EcoHeat Solutions was looking for a clean and professional presentation that would accurately reflect the level of quality and class that their heating products want to be known for. More importantly the owner of EcoHeat solutions wanted his web site to be very search engine friendly and provide a way for customers to contact him and then manipulate that data for future use.

The design of the site is completely HTML and CSS compliant with all the most current web standards. The code structure of the design is completely table-less in it’s design making it very light, flexible, and clean. The design of this web site features a very bold color scheme, using a bold red color to emulate the heating aspect associated with EcoHeat’s products.

This web site also features a database connection from a PHP form which was designed by Nelson Design Studios and coded to make the back end connection and admin systems by James Dudley Studios. This admin system add a lot of extra functionality to the owner of EcoHeat solutions, allowing him to run reports off the database for all job inquiries delivering a detailed CSV file that will allow for import into a variety of other database programs to be use in future marketing and communication efforts.

Nelson Design Studios challenge was working with a remote client who was mostly unavailable to meet in person to discuss the development of the web site. This project was completed completely remotely via email and phone communication with EcoHeat Solutions owner. Our ability to be a good listener and our ability to quickly learn a new market and deliver a design and programming solution of high quality resulted in another satisfied customer.

If you are interested in having NDS design and build your web site or help you with your next online marketing campaign email or call NDS at 603-325-2429.

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