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Monadnock Community Hospital approached FirstTracks Marketing Group (where I am currently employed at Interactive Media Director) about creating a new website that would allow them to be more connected to the community centered around their Bond Wellness Center facility which provides physical fitness and rehabilitation services. To create a site that is easy to update, support, and manage we decided to build this site with the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Using WordPress as the CMS engine made it easy for us to provide dynamic post commenting, website content feeds, and some fun dynamic post scripting animations.

For the project FirstTracks has partnered with Chris Halvorson as the primary writer and editor of the content. Chris is a wonderful writer and blogger who is also a member of the Bond Wellness Center. She is a perfect match for the project as she will be drawing inspiration and content directly from her personal experiences and the best way to generate traffic to any website is with timely, relevant content. This new site features a number of exciting design and coding techniques that make the site fun and accessible for all users……see for yourself.

JQuery Home Highlight

On the homepage of you will notice the fun image slider we have implemented. This navigation element ties directly into the content posting database and allows the content creator to easily feed new images with a nice tool tip hover that dynamically displays an excerpt from the new post. This homepage slider is tied to a specific category making it fast and simple for content creators to feed new information and highlights into this element regularly. This keeps the homepage fresh and interesting.

Featured Content Feeds also features multiple ways for blog contributors to feed content into the homepage. Each main column AND the colored block at the bottom of the page are all individually tied to a specific category within the website database that the content editor can set simply by selecting them from a drop down menu. Super simple, super flexible and very easy to learn and use.

Social Media Integration

To help spread the word and create conversation on quickly and easily, we have scripted in “Share This” social media sharing tools into all of the posting content. Social media is here to stay and the easier you make it for visitors to share what they like the better your website will be. This content sharing plugin provides the ability for visitors to easily share all the content on the FitNotes Blog via Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reddit, and even email! But wait, there’s more…..the best part about this sharing component is that you can track it! Yep, we get daily reports from this that tell us what’s being shared and through what service providing us and the client insight into which social networks their visitors choose to use. This allows the Bond Wellness Center to understand where they want to start spending more time building their on line community.

Plugins That Make This Site Sing

One of the best parts about WordPress are the plugin structures. There are literally THOUSANDS of free plugins available for WordPress. The trick is knowing which ones are the best for your site. FirstTracks has extensive experience with WordPress which provides us with the skill to scan the multitude of free plugins available to ensure we are providing our clients with the absolute best solution. For this project some of the exciting additions we made included a WordPress Live Search using JQuery, Google Analytics Integration, Google XML Sitemap Generator, Comment Subscription, and a comprehensive SEO package. This allows the user to enter custom page titles, meta data, and URLs for all posts. This is just a sample of we put into the site, but all of them serve to create a more complete and useful browsing experience while keeping the site information accessible and optimized for all search engines.

Looking to have a website you can easily work with?

Could your business or organization benefit from being able to publish, manage, and manipulate your digital footprint? YOU BET IT CAN, AND I CAN PROVE IT! I can guarantee you that you will be amazed at how much functionality and flexibility we can provide you with, even with the tightest of budgets. Why not fill our a request form over at FirstTracks Marketing Group and find out for yourself, or better yet give me a call at 603-924-1978 right now and ask me. I look forward to hearing from you!

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