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FS&T Law – New Concord NH Website

New Concord law offices website for FS&T (Flood, Sheehan & Tobin, PLLC) Trust and Estate Law Firm. Their previous website was unprofessional and did not do a good job selling the law services they provide. This new website built in close collaboration with the FS&T management staff, features detailed information about all the services that FS&T Trust and Estate Law can provide you with as well as valuable information and resources about their areas of expertise in Law.

Some coding and structural highlights

The new FS&T website features full optimized website content. Using proper semantic CSS coding practices the new website is extremely easy for Google, Yahoo, Bing and all other search engines to crawl and index their website content because of the heading tag organization (<h1>, <h2>, <h3> etc). This method of web design and coding also makes all the webpages extremely light and fast loading as well. The main navigation for the website uses a JQuery menu structure that has a very soft subtle animation and features the unique coding technique of auto resizing the sub-menus to expand to fit the longest title in the list. All of these menus are also built using highly optimized HTML and CSS markup using only list elements to make them run (<UL> and <LI> tag elements). The new site also features Google Analytics website tracking, custom XML sitemap generation, and integrated Google Maps for quick directions to the office. All of these elements add a more dynamic and finished feel to the site while keeping it light, flexible and easy to manage.

Taking control of your online real estate

What really makes this new site useful and exciting for FS&T Law is that they will now have the ability to post new resources and information to their website all by themselves without having to know any website programming skills what so ever. For this project I used a system call Cushy CMS that allows me to add custom CSS class containers to ANY content on the website which then tells the Cushy CMS portal account I have set up for FS&T that those areas of the site will be editable by them. This means that they can expand their links, articles and PDFs at will, as well as update their homepage copy and links, really anything they want as long as it currently exists on the website server. This gives FS&T Law the freedom to use their website as they see fit, to market specific areas from time to time, direct clients to specific information as it becomes available and to begin using the web to actually market their services in a dynamic and timely fashion rather than using like a stale digital brochure.

Want to create a dynamic online presence for your business?

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