Greenway Golf WordPress Website Design

Greenway Golf WordPress Website

Another interesting WordPress website project that I designed, programmed, and launched their for Greenway Golf in September of 2010. Greenway Golf is a golf course turf and operations management company with offices located in Austin Texas and Stevinson CA.

Greenway Golf was looking for a complete overhaul of their current website that was build using the open source CMS platform Drupal. Even though their first site was built using Drupal and allowed them to access and manage their content, the controls and system implementation was just too difficult to work with for what Greenway Golf needed to do on a day to day basis. So what did we do? We rebuild the design using WordPress, the easiest, most user friendly CMS on the planet.

So what’s new / better about the new site?

Greenway Golf was looking for an easier way to manage all of their content, but beyond that they wanted a better way to display and share their dramatic photographs, case studies, and industry knowledge in an efficient dramatic manner. This is where a high quality WordPress premium theme comes into play. For this project I started with the InFocus WordPress Theme. This provided me with lots of flexible tools and short code integration elements that would have cost the client A LOT of money if we had to build them from scratch.

Complete Custom Design Overhaul

The new Greenway Golf website features a new look that is a bit rougher and more organic looking to better reflect the look and feel of the Greenway Golf Organization. They business is turf, they wanted to have a design that emulated that feeling, while also working in some distinct “Aussie” elements to the site because of the close ties the ownership has with the land down under.

Better Information Integration and Sharing

The new Greenway Golf website features many integrated ways to make it easy for visitors to share their content over the web. All of their case studies feature integration with the ShareThis application, which allows users to publish and share their posted information, news and notes across a variety of social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and many more with the simple click of a single button. The new Greenway Golf website also features direct links to both their Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feed integration with all content of the new Greenway Golf website. All of these tools make everything on the Greenway Golf website easy and accessible for all levels and types of users.

Complete Lead Generation and Tracking

All the new design and content integration stuff is great, but what’s the most important thing to any business? LEADS! With the new WordPress website Greenway Golf is now able to create custom lead generation forms. This means they can quickly and easily create landing page areas with custom contact forms that are specific by promotion. This makes tracking back a bottom line revenue generation number for each promotion very easy because these custom forms and pages integrate directly with their Google Analytics package. This allows them to measure total traffic on the pages, to how much money and effort was spent on the initial advertising, to the actual amount of leads they have had submitted through the forms and finally how many actual clients they got from the promotion. This makes all of their online marketing programs accountable and thus easier to optimize and improve over time. Now they are spending their money smarter online, and getting better results for it.

Does this sound like something your business could use?

Of course it does! But I bet you think it’s way too expensive for you, surprise it’s not. I wouldn’t call it cheap either, but you have to weigh the benefits of being able to take control of your online presence and being able to track, measure and optimize your lead generation efforts online. I can help design you a website that will impress your clients, draw in more business, and make it easier for you to make money and sustain your business for the long run in today’s economic climate. Contact me today to find out more about how this works and how we can work together to make this happen.

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2 Responses to “Greenway Golf WordPress Website”

  1. Michael Bertoldi January 13, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    Great work Matthew.

    I love the rotating images as it really showcases Greenway’s work, i.e., the fairways and greens on the golf course. You’ve led me to check out the infocus theme for future golf projects. Great job sir! Love the design you implemented as well.

  2. Matthew Nelson January 13, 2011 at 6:35 pm #

    Thanks for the comment Michael. The InFocus theme is great, a bit tricky to customize to the degree that I did with this site, but definitely doable. You definitely can’t beat the flexibility and style that they get for the general modest cost it took to implement the entire package. 🙂

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