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Heading Home Inc.

The way I got connected with Heading Home Inc (recently named one of the top 50 largest non-profit organizations in Boston MA). in the first place is an excellent testament to how you can use social media to get connected with new clients. Basically what happened was this past summer I was attending WordCamp 2011 (read about my experience at the conference here) and these days when you are at large gatherings like that there is usually a Twitter hashtag that is used by everyone at the event. It’s a great way to meet new people and also a great way to catalog a lot of thoughts and links that are very relevant and related to things you might care about. While I was at the event I Tweeted out quite a lot of thoughts regarding WordPress and a marketing consultant who was working with Heading Home Inc. at the time was listening. They appreciated my take on WordPress, looked at my work and that got the conversation started from there. That is just one of the many ways you can use social media to get new business.

Heading Home Inc. was in a situation where they had already spent a bunch of money with another “WordPress Expert” who was really in over their head. It was basically a situation where the original developer knew how to basically install a theme and use the WYSIWYG tools to tweak the basic options of the theme. Unfortunately that wasn’t what Heading Home Inc. was looking for, they didn’t want something that looked like a canned theme design, they wanted a new site that was unique and accurately reflected their branding and mission….which is where I come in.

The final product I produced for them provided them a unique WordPress website design that provided them all the flexibility and control they could want while still maintaining a high level of design and polish in the finished product. Here are some of the project highlights:

  • New homepage featured content slider that can display images and YouTube videos
  • Integrated photo gallery management tool
  • Completely overhauled all search engine optimization components
  • Brand new integrated blog feeds used for news and upcoming events
  • Integrated site search functions
  • Plus a whole lot more which you can read about in my full write up over at FirstTracks Marketing Group.

Could your business use a more effective website?

Building a great website means understanding the basic principles of usability and design as well as having a keene sense of how your market works and what your customers want. That is what I can do for you. Understand your business, know your customer and build your online property to make you money in either the form or leads or direct sales. Give me a call today at 603-325-2429, fill out my contact form or drop me a line over at FirstTracks Marketing Group. I would love to talk to you about your business and how I can help you be more successful with your online marketing efforts. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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