Hospital Billing and Collection Services

HBCS – Hospital Billing and Collection Services is a website that I redesigned in late 2007 while I was employed at CC Stephens & Co as their Interactive Director.

HBCS approached CC Stephens about this project and I personally sold them on the prospect of what the new site design would entail and what the search engine and client usability advantages would be with the new site. I worked closely with the Director of Marketing and the CEO of HBCS to create the new design and functionality for the website.

The new HBCS website features proper semantic HTML and CSS coding that has served to deliver a consistent increase in traffic for HBCS on a monthly basis ever since they went live with the new site. Currently I still work with HBCS with FirstTracks Marketing Group as they have decided to continue their relationship with me and my co-workers at our new company. We are looking forward to the future developments and enhancements we will be able to build for HBCS in the coming months and years.

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