JM Serpa Construction

A better way to show clients your work

J.M. Serpa Construction was looking to have a professional upgrade done to their exsisting web site.

Nelson Design Studios took some elements from the previous design and incorporated an all new approach to the information distribution of the web site.

What J.M. Serpa Construction really needed to focus on was getting people into the work that they do, and get them excited about the prospect of having J.M. Serpa do work for them.

By rebuilding the site in lighter more efficient CSS code structure not only do the pages look nicer and flow better, but they are twice as light now and load almost 4 times as fast as they did before, and that’s with the addition of large dramatic graphics and animations.

If you are interested in having NDS design and build your web site or help you with your next online marketing campaign email or call NDS at 603-325-2429.


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