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Kolver USA is an industrial tools distributor for Kolver brand product in the United States. This was a project that I pitched and sold to the CEO of Kolver USA when I was the Interactive Director with CC Stephens & Co.

Proper planning from the begining

This project started with a complex series of meetings to discuss the current process in place for Kolver USA and how they were marketing their products online. It was determined in these meetings that a more dynamic content management solution was needed to allow Kolver USA to spend more time marketing their products instead of wrestling with how to publish them.

Custom Joomla CMS implementation

It was decided that Joomla would be the best fit for this project because of the easy to use back end editor interface controls and for the custom database relationships we could establish. Our plan with this site was to build a completely new products database that was easy to cross-reference and group multiple types of product and knowledge-based blog postings at the same time. These simple content creation tools coupled with smart database relationships make it very easy for Kolver USA to post lots of content quickly and spread it over the Internet rapidly.

Database Design

Dan Curren of Simple Man Web Design partnered with me to build the install of Joomla and to construct all of the custom database tables, connections, and admin editor screens. Working together with Dan and the CEO of Kolver we developed a multi-tiered product management tool, and full custom blog that allows the admin staff at Kolver to keep all their current products up to date, add new product, and write article content that helps support and sell their product online.

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