Massachusetts Assisted Living Facilities Association Joomla CMS Website

Mass-ALFA Assited Living Association Website

Building a big complicated site for a large membership organization

Mass-ALFA (The Assisted Living Association of Massachusetts) needed a new web site that did a better job at integrating their membership base (over 800 businesses/facilities and 2000 people) into their online activity. The new site needed to use a website content management system (CMS) to make it easy for them to create and manage their own content. And they also wanted to completely integrate all of their membership management tools into the website CMS so that they could create dynamic content relationships online and offer their members the ability to log-in and manage their own personal information via the website. As the Interactive Media Director for FirstTracks it was my task to plan, manage, design and develop this beast.

The Solution:

Because of the complexity Mass-ALFA’s database relationship needs presented we decided to build the new site using Joomla as the CMS. This allowed us to have complete freedom when it came to integrating all the custom database management components into the back end of the CMS System. This also presented us with the opportunity to create a lot of really smart functional data relationships on the website. For instance, using their sponsorship management component they can create sponsorships with multiple levels of cost and then pick specific events that have been added to the system to tell the website where those logos should be displayed within the site, and it’s all accomplished with simple checkbox selection tools in our admin components!

Here are some feature highlights from the new site:

Better construction means better search engine optimization:

For all of the website projects we tackle here at FirstTracks one of our first steps with new site overhauls and redesigns is to run the current site through Hubspot’s Website Grader application to get an idea of how their current website property is performing for them. In this instance the old Mass-ALFA website was graded at 45 after launching the new site their website grade is now a 97! So what does that mean? It means that their content is more than twice as useful to search engines and users when it comes to sharing, linking and indexing their content. What’s your website grade? Use the link above to find out, if it’s below a 70 you should call us.

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