Monadnock Family Services Joomla CMS Website

Monadnock Family Services Joomla Website

Monadnock Family Services Website: The Challenge

Monadnock Family Services needed a website that was easy to work with, optimized well with search engines, connect to social media outlets, accept donations online, and allow them to dynamically relate and manage all their organizational content. Working as the Interactive Media Director for FirstTracks Marketing Group it was my job to plan, manage, design, and implement a solution that would meet the needs of MFS.

The MFS Website Solution:

Using the Joomla open source CMS, FirstTracks built a brand new website for MFS that features the following integrated components:

  • Services Database
  • Success Stories Database
  • Events Calendar Database
  • Sponsorship Management Database
  • Online Donations
  • Homepage Slider Editing Component
  • Social Media Sharing Tools using “ShareThis”

The new MFS website features an integrated database design that allows MFS staff to cross-reference their services, events, success stories and sponsorships dynamically. Need to relate a group of specific sponsors with a particular event on the calendar? No problem, simply create the event, load up the logo, and then check off the events where you would like the logo to appear. Success stories work the same way. By themselves these are great pieces of content that share the great work that MFS does. FTMG took these to the next level and provided simple admin controls that let MFS simply check to which services they want the success stories to relate so they show up in the proper sidebar positions throughout the site.

In addition to all the custom database design work FTMG did for MFS we also developed a secure online donation form using and a management component that makes it easy for MFS to track all their online donations. Add to that the full integration with the Joomla CMS website platform and MFS now has a quick, simple and efficient way to manage and publish all of their content online.

Looking to have a website you can easily work with?

Could your business or organization benefit from being able to publish, manage, and manipulate your digital footprint? YOU BET IT CAN, AND I CAN PROVE IT! I can guarantee you that you will be amazed at how much functionality and flexibility we can provide you with, even with the tightest of budgets. Why not fill our a request form over at FirstTracks Marketing Group and find out for yourself, or better yet give me a call at 603-924-1978 right now and ask me. I look forward to hearing from you!

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