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Mount Sunapee Resort

Big mountain skiing only 90 minutes from boston!

From June of 2006 to June 2007 I was the Graphics & Web Site Manager at Mount Sunapee Resort. My role in this web site was to direct the creative agency we worked with (Digital Flannel) in totally overhauling the visual look and functionality of the site for the 06-07 season. Then once the design was finalized to coordinate the template programming creation with the development company we work with (Caffeine).

I was personally responsible for the reprogramming of all the internal content pages of the web site. I added custom designed style sheets to make both the design and content management for the site easier and cleaner for the foreseeable future. I was also the director of the entire project as well as the web site information architect, creating how the information would be organized and how visitors would interact with it.

Building a Better Mouse Trap

As you can see from the samples on the right, the design suited the all natural look and feel that Mount Sunapee was gunning for. The design was cleaner, and the reorganization of the site content was much more logical from a user prospective which in turn resulted in a traffic increase for the 06-07 season of almost 90%!

The design also lent itself well to the summer version of the site and the e-commerce store I was also responsible for designing, reorganizing and tracking over the year. Through the redesign efforts on the online store of the site I was able to reduce abandoned shopping carts by 20%! Having a clean and clear direction to the store was a critical factor in this as it provided a shopping experience for the customer that was much more intuitive.

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