Nashua Community College Joomla CMS Website

Nashua Community College Joomla Website

Nashua Community College in Nashua NH needed a new website that would make it easier for them to reach more prospective students while also serving their existing students with more current information. This was a project I undertook as Interactive Media Director for FirstTracks Marketing Group. For this project I created the proposal to the college, developed the implementation strategy, did the information architecture planning, graphic design and final template file design and development.

Bottom Line Goal: Make the website easy to update and easy to use

My approach was to build the site using Joomla, the easy-to-use content management system. For this project Joomla fit our needs perfectly, because of it’s easy to learn user controls and highly customizable database structures. Nashua Community College’s challenge with their previous site was that all their course information for every term was locked away in PDF files. To drastically increase the digital footprint for Nashua Community College (NCC) and make their website more useful to visitors while being easier to manage we developed a custom admin component. The new course manager component allows NCC to upload and maintain all of their course schedules with one click AND made all that information 100% searchable and indexable by ALL search engines.

How has the project been received?

The traffic quality increase in the first 5 months of operation of the site have been nothing short of excellent. Traffic levels are up across the board (so much so we have had to increase the bandwidth for the hosting account THREE TIMES already) and another immediate benefit of the new site has been that repeat visits to the site are way up. This means that more students and faculty are using the site as a regular resource of information. This is a result of the new events calendar, news feeds, and global search features, all things that make it easier to get to the things that people are looking for most. Looking forward we will be enhancing the course search and management component tool and possibly looking at building an online degree shopping cart that will allow a visitor to build their own curriculum within a degree program and create their schedule.

Time to get moving on a new website for your college or organization!

Could your school, community college, or organization benefit from being able to publish, manage, and manipulate your digital footprint? YOU BET IT CAN, AND I CAN PROVE IT! I guarantee you that you will be amazed at how much functionality and flexibility we can provide even with the tightest of budgets.Why not fill out a website request form at FirstTracks Marketing Group and find out for yourself, or better yet give me a call over at the office 603-924-1978 and ask me. Making sense of data and creating better user experience is what we are all about, and we would love the opportunity to do the same for your school website.

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