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New PIM Group WordPress Website

This is the brand new WordPress website that I designed and launched for the PIM Group in early 2011. Dave Mowery (President and Founder of the PIM Group is one of my oldest freelance clients. I have designed three iterations of his online presence (with this one being the third). Dave was looking for a way to draw more relevant traffic to his website (and lets be honest, who isn’t these days) because he operates in a type of business consulting that is HIGHLY competitive and rife with spammy marketing techniques. This makes it hard for the small business consultant to gain a foothold online because you have lots of larger seminar and consulting entities spending huge dollars on pay per click campaigns and have sites hundreds of times larger than what the PIM Group has.

So what’s the solution?

Regular updates and content publishing of high quality relevant articles that are related to the PIM Group’s products and services. To make this process as easy and as seamless as possible we went with a WordPress website because of it’s rock solid stability and super easy to learn editing, publishing and management controls. Now the PIM Group has complete access to every piece of their online content as well as an integrated lead generation form system that not only emails new requests to their office but also catalogs responses in the website database. This has given the PIM Group a direct line of feedback from their site in terms of lead generation and has positioned them firmly in control of evolving their online accessibility with the clients they are looking to attract online.

Ready to evolve how you market your business online?

If you are looking to take control of your online presence give me a call at 603-325-2429 or fill out my work request form. I can build websites to suit just about any size business or organization. From ecommerce to event management to straight sales and lead generation I can create online real estate for you that help you grow and sustain your business for years to come.

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