NH High Technology Council

The NH High Technology Council needed a new website that not only better reflected their position as a technology leader in NH but to also make it easier for people to register, manage their membership information and stay on top of the pulse of High Tech news in NH.

Joomla CMS Website

This one of the first Joomla CMS websites that Dan Curren of Simple Man Webdesign and myself worked on together. This site features excellent custom back-end database integration tools that we custom designed and built to make both sides of the NHHTC website experience easier and smoother to use. For the NHHTC website we built a custom user login portal that allows active members of the system to login and edit their personal profile information that is accessible on the site through the members search component we built. The member login component also allows members of NHHTC to login and post new high tech news and articles to the NHHTC website after they are approved by the central office management staff.

Getting organized with your data.

This site has a robust database search, management and export function built into the back end of it allowing the office staff to manage event registrations, event details, membership dues, and process payments for both. The custom search functions built into the back end of the Joomla CMS also allow the office staff to create custom lists based on criteria that they select and export those lists for mailings, eblasts, and any other kind of development communication they can think of.

This site was a great success and has made the process of maintaining and extending the online reach of the NH High Technology Council something that the organization can be proud of. If your organization has dynamic data and content management needs contact me today so I can start helping you put together a plan to get more out of the information you work with every day!

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