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Nonnis Italian Eatery – NH Restaurant Website

Back in 2006 Nonnis Italian Eatery was the second business that I built a website for. Now the year is 2010 and a lot has changed online and Nonnis Italian Eatery has changed quite a bit as well. Now Nonnis has three locations in NH in Concord, Hillsboro and New London. This means there is a lot more information to organize and people to communicate with to make sure the most up to date information and specials are going up on the website in a timely manner.

First order of business time to integrate a content management system

With the extended staff and increased amount of content and specials being pushed through the site Nonnis needed a website system that made it easy for them to update, maintain, and grow all their critical website content quickly and easily. WordPress was the perfect choice for this project because of the easy of use for the content managers, extensive and flexible plugin library, and excellent content accessibility offered across all major online networks.

Second order of business make it easier for customers to connect with the business

The original website for Nonnis didn’t feature any kind of social media, blog, email sign up, etc. The new website features now features all the most current up to date connectivity integration tools you could want. The new version of the Nonnis Italian Eatery Website has an integrated Facebook page display in the footer of the site making it easy for site visitors to like the business more often. Also integrated into Nonnis website blog posting structure is the ShareThis application which allows visitors to post and share the special offers and news from Nonnis through the social media feed of their choice. Visitors also have the option of signing up for direct feeds of content from Nonnnis via RSS and or email sign up.

What does all this technology mean for Nonnis Restaurant?

The major goal for Nonnis Restaurant first and foremost is to put butts in the seats of their three NH locations, and this will be accomplished more effectively by creating more community and making it easier for Nonnis to connect with more of their customers and fans on a more consistent basis. The byproduct of this activity with all their customers will create a situation where Nonnis will be training their community to expect to hear from them online and in the social spaces they like to connect within. This will make it easier to keep more people abreast of what is happening at the restaurant and provide Nonnis the ability to give people more regular reasons to come in, enjoy some food and spend some money.

How about your business? How do you connect with your customers?

Today’s Internet is faster and more single serving than ever. People are bombarded with more and more choices every day and if you can’t rank high enough and focus your communications you are going to loose the online battle for your business. Given how the web continues to grow and evolve and how integrated our mobile devices and connection habits are becoming, this is something that no business can afford to ignore, no matter how big or small your business is. Want to know more about how all this works? Drop me a line over at FirstTracks Marketing Group or fill out my contact form, I would love to talk to you about your online business marketing challenges.

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