NorthCountry Manor Assisted Living Facility WordPress Website

NorthCountry Manor Assisted Living Facility

New WordPress Website for Littleton NH Assisted Living Facility

NorthCountry Manor is an Assisted Living Facility located in Littleton NH. They were looking for a better way to manage their online presence, both in showcasing their wonderful facility and sharing up to date information about events and activities that are going on in and around the home. This was another job for WordPress and Woothemes. Using the Canvas framework from Woothemes I customized a design that featured branding and design cues consistent with their facility and location. Their new site features a fully integrated blog, information request forms, and top notch search engine optimization. All of this is supported by the user-friendly user tools provided by WordPress. It has allowed NorthCountry Manor to be much more active online and has definitely resulted in an uptick in overall traffic and visibility online for them.

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