Northeast Delta Dental Kentico CMS Project

Northeast Delta Dental Kentico Website

Late in 2009 Northeast Delta Dental released an RFP to build them a brand new website. I spotted the notification for the Website RFP on my Twitter account and requested documentation for the project. At the time as Interactive Media Director at FirstTracks Marketing Group I knew we would be facing an uphill battle for 3 reasons:

  1. We were the “new kids on the block” since we had only opened our doors just three months prior, even though we as a group had been doing this work professionally for 6+ years
  2. Northeast Delta Dental mandated that their new site be built and implemented using the Kentico CMS platform, something we had limited experience with and is written in a language we don’t like to work in (ASP.NET)
  3. I knew this project would be handled by a large committee just because of the size of the organization and those can be very challenging when it comes to developing functionality and design features.

Sometimes you gain the most when moving beyond your comfort zone

Talking all the above factors into consideration was not enough to convince me not to do the project. The exposure, public relations and reference benefit is exactly what I was looking for for FirstTracks Marketing Group, an opportunity too good to pass up. I reviewed the CMS platform, got resources together to plan our proposal, and then wrote and designed all of our presentation materials for the project. Northeast Delta Dental liked what I put together for FirstTracks Marketing Group and we got the project, a very exciting moment FirstTracks and an exciting moment for me as well!

The project itself went great. We completed the new site, it took a little longer than expected but many times these tend to (especially when dealing with a large committee of people). If you would like details about the project and it’s features you can find them over in this sample I posted at FirstTracks Marketing Group’s Website.

Proposal writing and project management can be an art

The things I have learned through experience this year about being a good project manager and proposal writer are far too much to recount in one singular blog post. But I wanted to point out that I have learned all of these things through direct feedback from clients and on-the-fly adaptation from all the different client situations I have dealt with this year. It has without a doubt been one of the most professionally evolutionary years of my career. Right now I feel extremely confident that I am an excellent project manager, online strategist, information architect, website designer and developer, AND I have the work and results to back it up. So if you are looking to get a great website for your business give me a call over at FirstTracks Marketing Group at 603-924-1978 or fill out our online work request form. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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