Poppy Floral WordPress Website Design and Programming

Poppy Floral WordPress Website

Boston MA Floral Designer’s Business Website and Portfolio

A very close friend of mine was looking for an easy way to showcase her floral design talents online and also be able to completely control and edit all her website content without having to learn any HTML programming.

The Poppy Floral website project called for a nice clean theme design, a full featured portfolio gallery custom post type and simple easy to use editing controls. For this project I went with a WordPress Website based on the theme Simplicity by Woothemes primarily for it’s simple easy to manage interface as well as integrated portfolio component. The end result of the project was a light, open, airy design that relies heavily on the beautiful design samples of the artist to provide much of the color and vibrancy of the site. The portfolio is super simple and quick to maintain and the work looks outstanding. Combine all that with an easy to manage contact form and you have yourself the perfect recipe for a successful small business website.

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