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Seacoast Laboratory Data Systems WordPress Website

Seacoast Laboratory Data Systems is a data management software solutions provider/developer located in Portsmouth NH. They came to me as a client at FirstTracks Marketing Group looking for a new site that would transform the way they present themselves online as an organization. This was another WooThemes framework project, this time based on the Biznizz theme, which I then child themed a custom design and layout over (if you don’t know what a child theme is please read this child theme post I wrote now).

Another fantastic WordPress website makes it easy to post and manage all website content

I worked directly with the marketing and communications manager and the owner of Seacoast Laboratory Data Systems to develop the design and functionality of their new WordPress website. The new website features a clear product offering division on the homepage making it very easy for the consumer to browse and explore their offerings without having to dig much further than the homepage of the website.

A high quality website design that is generating leads for their business

Beyond the design and the organization of the site we also integrated a few different forms in the site that now allows Seacoast Laboratory Data Systems to capture demo requests for their products, take basic questions about their services and even allow people to apply online for their open jobs. All of the data from these forms is emailed to multiple sources upon submission, saved into the database on the back end of their WordPress website and are completely exportable for future marketing and promotional use. Since the site launched a little over a month ago they have already received and scheduled 6 new demo requests for their services!

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Building a great website means understanding the basic principles of usability and design as well as having a keene sense of how your market works and what your customers want. In a nut shell that’s what I can do for you. Learn your business, know your customer and build you an online property that will make you money in either the form or leads or direct sales. Give me a call today at 603-325-2429, fill out my contact form or drop me a line over at FirstTracks Marketing Group. I would love to talk to you about your business and how I can help you be more successful with your online marketing efforts. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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