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Depot Square WordPress Website Update

This summer I redeveloped and relaunched the Depot Square shopping center WordPress website at FirstTracks Marketing Group. Why did we redevelop it and relaunch it? The original site that I built for Depot Square and launched back in November of 2010 was built on a theme called GeoPlaces by Templatic. The original prospect of using GeoPlaces seemed like the perfect solution for the Depot Square website but after running the finished product for a few months it became apparent that the GeoPlaces theme had some fundamental issues with the user content management side of the product. And unfortunately for me they were so big that it made more sense to look for a better solution than try to fix the mess that Templatic had left me with.

This WordPress Website needs speed above all else

The #1 priority for me with revamping this website was to make the site run faster and to make it easier and more flexible for the shop owners to manage all their own content. To make all of this happen I looked to one of my favorite WordPress website theme developers: Woothemes. I found a great theme called Listings that would allow us to create custom post types for all the major areas of the site we needed to manage AND make it faster and easier for the shop owners to manage their own content. Excellent!

WooThemes and our programming make this WordPress Website really sing

For the full break down and some video examples of how this all went please check out my full write up over at FirstTracks Marketing Group. If you don’t want all the details to sum it up quickly I developed custom post types for events, shops and dining establishments and then used a plugin called User Role Editor to control who has access to what. It all works extremely smooth now and the site is very fast and makes it VERY easy for users to search, connect and share all the things going on at Depot Square. The traffic results have been very encouraging thus far and I couldn’t be happier with the final result of the improvements the relaunch has provided the site.

Do you need a website for your business?

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