Siege Technologies WordPress Website

Siege Technologies – WordPress Website

Siege Technologies approached me about designing their corporate brand as well as developing a website platform that would be easy for them to manage and grow. For this project we identified WordPress as the best solution to meet their needs and budget. WordPress provided the simple, flexible, and extensible tools that will allow Siege Technologies to grow and build their business through their new online channel.

The new Siege Technologies website was developed off the Agivee Premium WordPress theme. Developing new sites off of currently existing themes is a very efficient way to create lots of functionality options while keeping tight budgets intact. If you view the starting point of the theme above you will notice that many significant visual adjustments and upgrades have been made to transform this system into something that works best for marketing Siege Technologies products and services. Below you will find some of the functionality highlights associated with the project….

Project Highlights:

  • Homepage JQuery slider component – completely optimized for SEO and controlled via an admin on the back end of the website. This gives Siege Technologies complete freedom to populate this real estate with whatever they like using the WordPress editor controls.
  • Homepage News Highlight Slider – in the bottom half of the homepage I have implemented a rotating JQuery content column slider that allows Siege Technologies to easily control what post content they decide to feed into this column simply by selecting a category from the database.
  • Full Featured Blog – Being that this is a WordPress website it features a comprehensive blogging tool for the site. Siege Technologies now has the freedom to write, post, and share any and all information they choose that will help to better sell their product offerings and help to better position themselves as experts within their industry.
  • Complete Editing and Management Control – Every piece of content placed into this website is editable by Siege Technology staff. WordPress provides very simple and easy to use content management controls that provide even the most entry-level staff the ability to create links, add photos, and even embed video into new post and page content within the site. The accessibility of the editing controls for WordPress means that more people can get involved with supporting the site making it easier to make regular content updates and edits. This will result in increased traffic numbers because all search engines like to see regular new fresh content that is relevant.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Siege Technologies is also able to customize all of their own search engine optimization efforts for every piece of content within the new site. Page titles, URLs, keywords, descriptions, links, you name it they can optimize it to be sure they get the absolute most out of every piece of content to their website.

These are just some of the highlights that I can build for you and your business using the WordPress platform. Every business is very different and requires different implementation strategies and plug-in structures to ensure their continued success and ease of use. My experience in working with many different companies, industries, and extensive experience with the WordPress platform ensures that your site will be the best solution to meet your online goals and challenges. Why not fill out my contact form and find out how? Or you can give me a call at 603-325-2429 if you want to talk it over. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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