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Staff Development for Educators

Teacher conferences and seminars web site

Staff Development for Educators was my first stop as a designer and marketer. I was responsible for the complete graphical re-design and architectural concept for this web site back in 2006.

My team and I wanted to create a more cohesive look and feel to this site by implementing site wide CSS as well as much more extensive custom graphical touches. The overall goal was to create a more pleasant and fulfilling user experience. While at the same time also increasing the conversion rates of visitors to the web site. With the end goal being to generate more revenue per customer interaction via the web site.

The site has seen great success and growth since it’s launch in the spring of 2006. Now SDE is using it’s web site as a tool to make their customers lives easier with a more succinct browsing experience, while also making the process of doing business internally easier as well by using the site as a tool for customer service representatives to answer questions faster.

While I haven’t been involved with the web site in well over 2 years now it’s nice to see that the visual style and information architecture that I instituted all those years ago is still working well for them to this day.

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