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Tricia Rose Burt WordPress Website

This spring I had the pleasure of creating a new WordPress website for artist, writer and performer Tricia Rose Burt. Tricia came to me as a client of FirstTracks Marketing Group where I was in charge of designing, coding, launching and then training Tricia on how to use her new WordPress Website.

A custom WordPress Website theme

One of the most interesting things I did with this site was to build a custom WordPress website theme based off of the standard TwentyTen theme that comes with WordPress right out of the box. The custom theme we developed for Tricia’s website allows her to control the layout, style and background images of each and every page in the site. We developed a system that leverages custom templates and the featured background image for her posts and pages to make it happen. The result is an extremely flexible website platform that allows Tricia to showcase her unique style any way she likes very easily while keeping the main design and look of the site intact.

Looking for more information about the how and why?

I have a complete write-up about this project over at FirstTracks Marketing Group so if you are curious about some of the other features I built into this project please check out the details there. If you are looking to have some work done on your website or if you need a website you can fill out my contact form or you can request a website consultation with me at FirstTracks Marketing or you can simply call me at 603-325-2429. I would love to speak with you about your site and your business goals, lets start talking and get you making more money and pulling more profits sooner rather than later.

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