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Value Homes of NE

Modular homes builder in nashua NH

Value Homes of New England is an informational site for a modular homes company based in Nashua NH. This site was a complete re-design, the original design of the site was very cluttered and hard to operate making for a very poor user experience.

I took the existing information and re-organized it, creating a cleaner and more user friendly site. At the same time, I also optimized the site to perform better for search engine crawlers and ranking by adding CSS, a site map, and threading content rich keywords throughout the entire site.

During my time managing the Value Homes web site I have added many features including javascript photo galleries, rotating flash image animations, and in an effort to drive more traffic to the site on a regular basis I am now managing a Google AdWords campaign for Value Homes.

The reprogramming and upgrading of the web site code combined with the Google AdWords campaign has resulted in a average increase in visitor traffic of 500 hits per month, which has been a huge boost to Value Homes business.

If you are interested in having NDS design and build your web site or help you with your next online marketing campaign email or call NDS at 603-325-2429.


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