Weeks Medical Center Joomla Website

Complete Content Management and Dynamic Database Systems custom built to make community communication relevant and hassle-free.

Here are a few of the development features from the project:

  • Complete Joomla! CMS making it quick and easy to manage all website content
  • Global Site Search
  • Social Sharing Links
  • Full Online Calendar
  • Integrated Databases for: Medical Professionals, News, Events, Search, and Locations
  • Performance Tracking with Google Analytics

Global Site Search:

We made it easier for people to find what they are looking for by making EVERYTHING in the Weeks website search-friendly to the global site search. Now if you can’t find what your looking for you, you can just plug it into the search to find it quickly.

Homepage Dynamic Slider:

We created an animated Javascript slider on the homepage of the new Weeks Medical Center website that looks fantastic, but also provides loads of search engine optimized content that is written in semantic HTML and CSS, and requires no plug-ins to run!

Social Bookmarking and Sharing:

All news, articles, and events posted to the Weeks Medical Center website can be shared in a variety of ways. Whether your favorite community tool is Facebook or Twitter, or even if you simply want to email the information to a friend, Weeks Medical Center’s website now has the tools to make that a quick and easy task.

dynamic database relationshipsDynamic Database Relationships:

FirstTracks Marketing Group worked closely with Weeks Medical Center to design a content relationship strategy that made it easier for them to create more dynamic content with ease, while making the process of browsing the Weeks Medical Center website a more rewarding experience for the community.

To accomplish this we had to break-down their organization to it’s most common element and build their website out from there. For Weeks Medical Center, this involved their Medical Services offerings. Now all other content within the website can be related back to a service. This allows editors of the Weeks Medical Center site to cross-reference their medical professionals, current events, public relations, and news articles directly to a service offering.

Using these data relationships allowed FirstTracks Marketing Group to design a details page for each service that is constantly updated with new information and details that are relevant to that particular service offering, providing a more relevant and useful browsing experience for the end-user.

Weeks Medical Center Website Powered by Joomla!All Powered by Joomla CMS:

Joomla is one of the world’s top open source content management systems and is the platform of choice for many of FirstTracks Marketing Group’s larger client projects. The Joomla CMS framework offers our clients the ease of use, simple admin controls, and online security they need, while providing the flexibility we need to customize a system that meets all of our clients’ unique data management tasks and day-to-day editing needs.

Sound like something your company could use?

FirstTracks Marketing Group specializes in designing and developing successful online destinations. Every site we build is unique based on our clients specific data needs, marketing goals and target audience communication styles. If you’re interested in discussing how we can help you upgrade your online presence into something that will encourage activity, linking, traffic and quality leads, give us a call today at 603-924-1978 or fill out our request form, we look forward to speaking with you soon!

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