Woodside School WordPress Website

Woodside School WordPress Website

A brand new WordPress website for a Concord NH Preschool and Childcare Center

This was an exciting and interesting project for me. My son Zachary attends this wonderful school in Concord NH. In the fall of 2011 I was commissioned the Woodside School to build them a new school WordPress website. Their previous website platform provided them with a number of critical services that I had to contend with in building out the new WordPress platform for their new site. The most critical of which was the user login and access rights portal system to manage the teacher and parent access to the website.

The Woodside School website revolves around teacher and student access

The teachers at the Woodside School are constantly putting on fun and exciting activities for their students and they are always taking pictures to share those experiences with the parents who send their children there. The catch is most parents don’t want pictures of their children posted publicly out on the internet. The solution for this issue in WordPress was to use a great membership management plugin called Wishlist Member. Using this plugin we were able to integrate a dynamic login portal for all of their school classroom parents so that they could visit the website and see protected classroom update content, photos, video and other media that is specifically relegated to the access levels give to each parent. This method of membership application was especially useful and necessary because there are many parents at this school who have children in multiple grade levels and allowed us to provide them with one single login that would allow them to access all of the classroom levels that they had children in.

New easy to use media features make this site special

Our primary goals for this site were to make it easy for the parents to get more information more often about the classrooms their children are in and to make it easy, simple and fun for the teachers in each classroom to post and share that information and media with the parents. My new fully integrated WordPress website system (built on Simplicity by Woothemes) features a number of features including:

  • Membership Registration Portal
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Gallery
  • Integrated blogs for each classroom
  • Easy map and directions with Google Maps
  • Contact forms for general questions and classroom registration

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