Worlds Largest Meatball

This is another WordPress website that I put together for Nonnis Italian Eatery in late 2009. The owner of the restaurant got the idea to build some PR for his restaurants by breaking the world record for the largest meatball ever made. So what he asked me to do was create a simple site that was easy to update and customize with information and details about his quest to break the record and all the details associated with the event he was planning for the big reveal in Concord on November 1, 2009.

Successful timely, dynamic communications

The website was a smashing success. Not only did it help generate awareness about the event and the progress Nonnis was making in their attempts to break the world record, it also allowed them to be very fluid and timely in their communications. Case in point: late in the game the popular late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel decided he wanted to break the record on his show, which he proceeded to do ONE MONTH before Nonnis was planning to do it. Not only did Jimmy Kimmel break the record right before Nonnis was going to they raised the bar by almost double what they were planning to make……

So did they break the record?

You bet they did! Nonnis currently holds the world record for the largest meatball ever made at a whopping 225 pounds! It took a lot of work, and the whole Jimmy Kimmel Show thing threw an extra curve ball at the last minute but in the end turned out to be a blessing because of all the national attention it got the restaurant. So how did the website perform? Once the final word came down that they broke the record this website saw an average of 5,000 visits for 5 days straight, people left comments, links, and congrats about the restaurants achievement, which even gained a significant amount of international exposure for Nonnis as well. All in all a great success from a PR and development prospective.

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