Strategic Marketing & Design Services

Direct and Interactive Marketing is my specialty.

Ok, first things first, what is Direct and Interactive Marketing exactly? Great question. When I say my specialty is in Direct and Interactive Marketing that means that I don’t just work within on direct discipline or another like Direct Mail or Pay Per Click Advertising, I specialize in ALL forms of Direct and Interactive Marketing Communications. What this means for you as a current or potential client is that I can help you develop a program plan that will help your business to best reach your customers on a regular basis when THEY want to be marketed to. That could take an number of shapes in the planning process, from a direct mail marketing campaign with custom micro sites and conversion forms to a dedicated blog content strategy with social media conversation and link tracking.

What can I offer your business or organization?

These are the main areas of marketing communication that I specialize in. I can tell you right now, that with every project the mix is different. Businesses all exist in different industries, but even when they are in similar industries the trick is always drilling down to what makes your products and services unique and interesting to your prospective customers, and that is never the same client to client. My focus is always delivering the best possible media mix and plan solution that will achieve your goals in the most cost efficient and successful manner possible.

If you are looking for a way to get your marketing programs up to date and doing more for your business Give me a call today at 603-325-2429 or fill out my request form to send me information about your upcoming project needs.