Analytics and Tracking

Analyizing your promotional performance dataAnalytics and Tracking: Do you know how your web site is performing?

So you have a web site, but do you know how it;s working? In this day and age it’s not enough to just have a web site, the days of building a web site and just having people find it randomly on the web are long gone. Today’s internet is all about search engine optimization and content relevancy. Having a good web site analysis program and an expert who can translate your activity is the key to creating and maintaining a successful web site. Traffic sources, page traffic, entry pages, exit pages, keywords, and much more they are all critical components to continued successful web sites.

The more you know the smarter you can market

I have extensive experience when it comes to implementing, tracking and analyzing web sites. Whether you already have tracking or are looking to add it I can help get your web communications working to the best of their ability.

I also offer analysis plans that can be run weekly, bi weekly, monthly or even quarterly based on your organizations unique needs and budget.

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