Direct and Integrated Marketing

direct mail marketingDirect Mail Marketing: Planning & Execution: Direct to consumer communication

Direct mail marketing is still one of if not the best way to get your marketing messages in front of the people you want to target. Direct mail marketing is widely accepted and boasts a much higher view rate than that of other direct marketing mediums such as email or search engine advertising. This is due to the fact that there are no spam filters or 3rd parties working against your marketing, just your message direct to your targets mailbox.
plan, design and execute

In direct marketing, there’s only one measure of good strategy and creative – your response rate and how it converts to new or repeat sales, memberships or contributions.

Whether you need to build a complete campaign from scratch, or you simply fine-tune an existing one, let Nelson Design Studios point the way and take you there. If you’ve hesitated to test copy or design because you weren’t sure which elements to test or how to interpret the results, Nelson Design Studios can help you there, too.

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