Email Marketing

Broadcast Email Design and StrategyTargeted direct marketing that is affordable and trackable

Email marketing is a fantastic way to reach your most loyal and best prospective customers. Broadcast email provides you with the flexibility to customize your messaging and the accountability to track the performance of your email marketing campaigns. Email marketing gives you direct feedback on your messaging, using programs like Mailchimp (my program of choice) or Constant Contact you can track how many people opened your email message, how many people clicked on the links in the message, who clicked and opened the message and many times more importantly who didn’t open or click on your message.

Custom crafted messaging

Email marketing is all about understanding your target audience and delivering communications that are timely, customized, and relevant. I can help you identify who your best targets are for your email campaigns and help you develop a plan of attack to make sure your marketing messages get through spam filters and get opened by your potential customers. Email marketing can be a very affordable and rewarding marketing tool when used effectively. The key is knowing how to write and design an email that incites your audience to take action. Many people don’t realize how affordable it can be with services like Mailchimp offering accounts for free for people who have less than 2000 subscribers, it’s a wonderful low risk way to add another way to have a direct link with your customer base.

Ongoing analysis and refinement for your email campaign

So you have taken the plunge and created some emails and started to grow your list….now what? Not sure what all the reporting data means on your campaigns? Looking for better ways to segment and refine your list strategy? I can help you with all of that. As I mentioned above one of the best things about email marketing is the relative ease in tracking and reporting your campaigns, if you are not using the feedback data from your campaigns you are missing out on major opportunities with your current/potential customers. I have designed and launched successful email campaigns over the past 8 years for Staff Development for Educators, Mount Sunapee Resort, the NH High Technology Council, Depot Square Shops, Kolver USA, Nonnis Italian Eatery,, HBCS and more. I would love the opportunity to do the same for you.

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