Pay Per Click Advertising

Search Engine MarketingGoogle Adwords Campaign Management, targeted search engine advertising.

Now you can advertise to people searching on Google. Even if you already appear in Google’s search results, AdWords can help you target new audiences on Google and their advertising network.

Creative Campaign Creation

I can help create and edit your ads and also help you adjust your budget until you get the results you want. You can also display a variety of ad formats and even target your ads to specific languages and geographic locations. This ensures that your ad creative is seen by who you want where you want.

Adwords Campaign Tracking and Analysis

There’s no minimum spending requirement or time commitment. And with the cost-per-click option, you’re only charged if people click your ads. This means every dollar of your budget goes toward bringing new prospects to you. By combining the robust tracking and reporting tools of Google Adwords with web site reporting and analysis you’ll be able to see just how much ROI your ad campaigns bring in.

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