Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Yelp, Google + the list goes on and on!

There is a fine art when it comes to creating and managing a social presence on the web these days. The mix of platforms and services is going to be different from business to business and from person to person, it all depends on how you are willing to participate and extend yourself into those social spaces. If you are curious about my social media presence simply click on any of the icons you see at the top of the page they will take you to all the places I participate in.

Social Media is so much more than status updates

When people who are unfamiliar with social media they think of people sharing things through Facebook and Twitter like “I just had the worst day today blah blah blah” and that just isn’t the case any more. I mean sure people still do that and they always will, but the vast majority of people using social media today are looking for more substance than fluff. Using social media to connect, communicate and build community around your products and services is all about being real and understanding who your customers are and what they want/need/respond to. Simple right?

Be prepared to dedicate some time and effort to make it a success

A good social media program is all about commitment. Establishing an expectation and delivering what you promise to your customers and to your community. If you aren’t ready to manage your social presence online at least every other day for a minimum of 15 minutes a day I say DON’T DO IT. The WORST thing you can do is simply set up a profile just because everyone says you should. Building a successful social media marketing strategy requires some strategic planning not only in messaging but also in resource planning. Figuring out ahead of time who you want to in those spaces and what you will be writing and sharing about will make your day-to-day life in your social spaces much more enjoyable and not nearly as stressful, taxing or confusing as it could be.

Not sure where to start? That’s where I come in.

Not all social media outlets are good for all businesses. I can help you create a plan of attack and develop a content plan and strategy that will increase your businesses visibility and accessibility online dramatically. Social media is all about being available to your customers whenever they want you and that can be hard work and time-consuming. That’s why I can also help train you on some of the main stream content aggregator tools like Hootsuite and TweetDeck to help make your monitor and response time be quick and painless each day. Social media is a powerful ally for any business and it’s only getting bigger everyday. Everyday you wait to join and participate those are just missed opportunities with customers every day. Stop missing opportunities for your business online fill out my consultation request form today and lets talk about how I can help you get more business from your online presence today.