WordCamp Boston is in just two weeks!

MatthewTNelson is Attending WordCamp Boston 2012

Are you attending WordCamp Boston 2012?

Had to drop a quick post here to say how excited I am to be attending this year’s WordCamp Boston. I have been the past two years and it’s really insane when I really stop and think about how much stuff I have learned at these two previous events has found it’s way into my every day work as a WordPress developer and designer. Pretty much all of the new websites I build now are buit with WordPress and Woothemes.

Why so much WordPress and Woothemes?

A lot of people might see that and think…well all his websites must look the same, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. This year more than any other year has shown me that there really are ZERO limitations when it comes to WordPress. Take the Classics Today Website that I architected, designed and launched back in March (with lots of excellent programming help from one Mr. Jame Dudley of course). That site had over 14,000 old ASP data records compiled and reimported to a custom post type and then we built in a slick new JQuery search tool and integrated membership system to transform what was once a very linear and flat experience into something extremely dynamic and profitable (they made just a shade under 3K in new membership fees for the month of June alone!).

Looking forward to learning even more and what this next year holds!

It’s been a breakneck start to 2012, and I some seriously interesting projects in process right now that continue to demonstrate the limitless potential of the WordPress environment. I am looking forward to learning more about responsive website design theory, using wordpress for enterprise level applications and building more websites using WordPress as a straight development framework. I will be tweeting throughout the conference on the #wcbos hashtag if you want to keep up with my thoughts and updates (or you could just watch the stream on my homepage) and I will be preparing a full review of the conference when I return the following week.

Could your business use a more effective website?

Building a great website means understanding the basic principles of usability and design as well as having a keene sense of how your market works and what your customers want. That is what I can do for you. Understand your business, know your customer and build your online property to make you money in either the form or leads or direct sales. Give me a call today at 603-325-2429, fill out my contact form or drop me a line over at FirstTracks Marketing Group. I would love to talk to you about your business and how I can help you be more successful with your online marketing efforts. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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